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The learning by working experience for creative and digital talents supported by the team at bricks&wide and gridonic.

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is the wide factory

The Wide Factory is a team of young interns based in Zurich who work as brainstormers, designers and digital wizards. In collaboration with Bricks&Wide and Gridonic we have created an unconventional working environment where young upcoming talents can work and play. The Wide Factory is not just a creative studio run by interns, but rather an institution devoted to making ideas come to life. A place to learn, a place to grow, and a place that is always evolving.

How we make the cake

Interns are very significant members of the Gridonic and Bricks&Wide Team. We value their creative and visual talent and want to provide them with the best possible environment to learn and grow.
We believe in the ‘learning by working’ experience. Which means that you won’t be serving coffee and pushing pixels throughout your internship. Instead you will be involved in regular real world projects and work with real customers. What we really want is for you to enjoy working with us as you learn how to bring an idea to life, develop and refine your skills, and expand your creative confidence by acquiring as much real world experience as possible.

young talent

Our Young Talent internship lasts two months, and you work three days a week. We will provide you with insights into the typical agency life and introduce you to the basic tools and methods.

young trainee

During your Young Trainee internship you will be working three days a week for six months. During this exciting time you will have the oppertunity to work (almost) independantly with at least one real client with coaching and support from a Bricks&Wide or Gridonic co-worker. You will be responsible for every stage of this project, from the first concept to the final presentation. After working with us for six months you will have the chance to snatch up a contract as a Young Employee.

young employee

As a Young Employee you can really start putting your knowledge and capabilities to good use. You will receive far more responsibility in the Wide Factory and will have the additional task of supervising younger trainees. If you’re anything like us, you’ll also start to see the world from a new and much more exciting perspective.

On what we work and worked

Our work demonstrated here is not just a catalog of ideas and visual styles to pick and choose from, but a showcase of our capabilities and achievements. Here you can find not only our completed projects but a glimpse of our ongoing work and ideas aswell.

lets start something new
hire us for your new project

We are always willing to take on an opportunity that is offered to us. Whether it’s an abstract illustration or a shiny new logo, a fully functional website or an adorable animation, the Wide Factory team has the solution to all your creative and developmental needs. We are always open for your new ideas and projects. Just send us an Email and we will contact you back.

who are the crazy peeps behind the scene

We are people that love to work with people who love to work with people. Sometimes we feel like one great big italian family. So, come in and meet the people whose brilliant creative minds and bodies make the Wide Factory thrive.

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We are always on the lookout for new talent. If you’re interested in an internship at The Wide Factory, like us on Facebook and we will let you know when our next casting day is coming up.